Why use direct mail?

Why use Direct Mail?

Often, especially in smaller organisations or charities, there is a resistance to using Direct Mail as a medium to generate income. An argument might be that sending out an in-house E-mail campaign is ‘free’, but what might the response rates be?

Let’s say it real terms it does cost to send out an e-mail campaign. There’s the software, staff time to write and create and send. So in round terms let’s say that’s £1,000 and it generates £3,000 in responses (or orders for a commercial company) from 10,000 e-mails using a 1% response rate. Nett gain £2,000.

Direct Mail appears more expensive perhaps and let’s again use round term figures. To create and produce artwork for a basic pack needs a copywriter and designer at say £3,000, a print and DM company to produce 10,000 packs, say £2,000 and postage at £2,000 approx, so a total of £7,000. Typically response rates are greater for tangible items like a mail pack (see the reports from www.mailmen.co.uk at the foot of this page). So let’s assume a higher response rate and a higher average gift/order generating £10,000 in income. So for a greater spend there’s a greater reward and a nett gain of £3,000. Simple!

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