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Managed-Solutions provide creative print and direct mail solutions for charities and commercial clients in the UK and Republic of Ireland.

Offering over 45 years experience and commercial expertise within the industry Managed-Solutions can provide clients with a total solution from Copywriting right through to Print and Mailing. Through our consultancy approach we aim to build an open working relationship with our clients which deliver a total solution for the best value, bringing significant savings whilst maintaining brand identity.

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copywriting & design

Whatever project you’re planning through whatever medium, good copywriting and design is vital to its success. With writers and designers to suit your needs Managed-Solutions work very closely with you to make sure your brief is interpreted to your total satisfaction.

So if you want anything from web site design, corporate identity, marketing literature, fundraising material or a complete Direct Mail pack then Managed-Solutions can provide it, and much much more.


Many years of experience and technical knowledge allows Managed-Solutions to offer help and advice on any project no matter how small or large it may be. We’ll get your data looking it’s best, ready for the personalisation and printing process. Ahead of any project we can provide you with a free data health check, once done then you can decide on which suppressions to use and therefore save the cost of printing and mailing unnecessary packs. Of course all our data services and file transfer proocesses are GDPR compliant.

Services offered include mailsort and postaim sortation, address enhancement, de-duplication, merge/purge and list suppression for various UK requirements such as:
Postal Address File enhancement (PAF)
National Change of Address Suppression File (NCOA)
Gone Aways Suppression File (GAS)
The Bereavement Register Suppression File (TBR)
Telephone Preference Service vetting (TPS)
Data can be received and returned in all common formats. We can Mailsort or PostAim* sort your data for mailings and output to any format your require.

*PostAim sortation for the Republic of Ireland is part of our service.


With over 45 years experience working in the industry Managed-Solutions are in the perfect position to partner you in this area. Managing print effectively and efficiently is vital in running any organisation.

Managed-Solutions have found the perfect supplier for litho or digital print, for anything from a short run leaflet through to a complex direct mail pack.

Our aim is to work with your existing team and provide them with cost effective solutions to your print and communications needs. Experienced professionals understand the need to have experienced and dedicated suppliers. Managed-Solutions can bring the two together.

personalisation, mailing & post

Direct Mail was once confined to a few very specialist companies who operated on a ‘darkened room, you shouldn’t go in there’ basis! Today Managed-Solutions can open up those rooms and work with you and an experienced supplier base to get the most out of your dm budget. Whether the project is a simple postcard through to the most complex matched piece packs Managed-Solutions can provide the solution for you.

Personalisation can be done in different ways to suit the need and the budget. From Ink Jet, cut sheet or continuous lasering Managed-Solutions has in its partner the right supplier for your project. Once the piece is personalised it needs to be finished ready for the mail. Whether it be envelope enclosing or polywrapping Managed-Solutions provide the answer.

Envelopes can be overprinted or a bespoke ‘flat sheet’conversion, mostly carried out in-house at the preferred partner, ensuring total control over this element and making sure that the first thing seen by the recipient looks great!

We are also able to provide the best possible postal solutions in both the UK and Ireland.

Why don’t you call us now on +44 (0)7515 808224 for an informal chat or to arrange a meeting in the UK or Ireland.

Why use direct mail?

Why use Direct Mail?

Often, especially in smaller organisations or charities, there is a resistance to using Direct Mail as a medium to generate income. An argument might be that sending out an in-house E-mail campaign is ‘free’, but what might the response rates be?

Let’s say it real terms it does cost to send out an e-mail campaign. There’s the software, staff time to write and create and send. So in round terms let’s say that’s £1,000 and it generates £3,000 in responses (or orders for a commercial company) from 10,000 e-mails using a 1% response rate. Nett gain £2,000.

Direct Mail appears more expensive perhaps and let’s again use round term figures. To create and produce artwork for a basic pack needs a copywriter and designer at say £3,000, a print and DM company to produce 10,000 packs, say £2,000 and postage at £2,000 approx, so a total of £7,000. Typically response rates are greater for tangible items like a mail pack (see the reports from www.mailmen.co.uk at the foot of this page). So let’s assume a higher response rate and a higher average gift/order generating £10,000 in income. So for a greater spend there’s a greater reward and a nett gain of £3,000. Simple!

For further information or to have an informal chat about what Print and Direct Mail can do for your organisation in either the UK or Ireland then please call us on +44 (0) 7515 808224, In the meantime why not read these reports and see what you think!

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